“From your format of restoring, updating, and certifying the coaches you sell, to your Camper 101 classes and shakeout at Plantation Oaks Campground, your approach is definitely “TOP DRAWER!” I am a fond believer in the QVS approach when doing business. Without a doubt, the purchase of our motorcoach from Coastal RV Center represents QUALITY, VALUE, and SERVICE. Thank you for being there!”
–Rick & Sandie

”My wife and I have been avid RVers for the past 30 years. We started with a pop up and worked our way up from there. We purchased our first motorhome from the “Big Store” which we enjoyed the unit but the service they offered was less than an enjoyment. We decided to move up to a larger unit and returned again to the Big Store. We first did not find the quality of unit we desired and the run around left us with a bad taste in our mouth. We stumbled across Coastal RV Center and from the very moment we visited their facility we were pleased. They offer high end units at reasonable prices, which was what we were seeking. Todd and Julian are a breath of fresh air in this business. They are professionals that have values and morals which are no longer found in the work place. We purchased a Monaco motor coach from them. The coach is a high end unit which others don’t offer. The experience from the time we pulled into their lot to the follow up after the purchase has been wonderful. Their staff pays attention to details and actually care about making you a returning customer. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking to purchase a RV.”
–Charles and Diane

What you are doing out there on hwy 17 is, I think, nothing short of fabulous. My wife and I came out, Jesse was busy but broke away and gave us a lot of information on RV’s. I am retiring at the end of the year and my dream is to hit the road. Usually used RV’s are unthinkable. But with your refurbish they are like new and I feel like you care and are picking drive trains that have many more miles. We don’t see how we can afford a new one so wasn’t sure if we could continue to dream. Now we can. You had four or five that could fit our needs. That we liked. After leaving you we went to ******* ***** and didn’t really see anything we cared for. Go figure. Jesse was great and I believe very straight forward. Keep up the good work. What a great idea. Congratulations.
– Wayne

We have been blown away by the customer service we found at Coastal RV Center. We are planning on going full time Rving this time next year, but wanted to buy this year to get the experience and knowledge locally. We found Todd and Julian by accident, from the second we started talking to these guys we knew we had found that ‘endangered species’ the HONEST DEALERSHIP!!! We were never pushed into giving up any of our info, nor pushed into buying something we couldn’t handle. Our “Dream” RV was sitting there on the lot, but had already been sold! Julian said he would be going out to buy more used RV’s and would look out for something similar. The following week we got a call that the buyer for our “dream” RV had pulled out of the deal. These guys are the REAL DEAL!! With the 2 day RV school included in the price, we are now the proud owners of an Alfa Seeya 40ft 2004 Diesel Pusher! Thank you Todd and Juilian for allowing/helping us to make our dream come true!!
You guys Rock……

– Kim and Jay

This was the first Class A Motorhome Amanda and I have ever had, but after meeting with you and Julian, there is no way I would ever buy a unit from anyone else, ( you guys Rock). Now I know why people keep coming to you guy to buy a Motorhome. I only wish we could have had the time to take advantage of your training and camping overnight, that would have been fun. I want you both to know that in the 950 miles we traveled back home the only problem I had was my butt getting sore from sitting so long, this unit was nothing short of awesome, and all the help and information you and Julian gave me made it easy and made it seem like I was a pro at driving. So what can I say but, Thank you very much for selling us a great unit and going above and beyond doing things to this unit you didn’t have to do. I can see now why, when people put down a deposit on a unit with you, they always walk away happy. Thank you again, and may GOD bless you both and your families.
– Robert and Amanda Carpenter